The Group

We design, develop and install solutions for tertiary packaging management, palletising/depalletising and industrial handling.

Born to think big

This is why we have shared the experiences, projects and skills of leading companies in the sector with our long-standing international expertise.

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Our values

We share our values with the other companies of the group, we listen carefully to our customers to provide them with the support they need and ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency.

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Area of expertise

We have extensive experience in the following sectors: glass and can making, bottling, food-processing, pet food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, where we provide industrial robotic solutions for handling, palletising/depalletising and modernising.


The companies of the Group

The strength of EMS comes from the quality of its member companies, from which the entire Group derives the ability to look towards the future and the commitment to help its customers to respond to major challenges.