Areas of expertise

Speed and efficiency

This is how we design, manufacture and install complete systems and individual machines, which are developed internally as far as the mechanical, electronic and software aspects are concerned. We have a long-standing experience in industrial robotics for handling, palletising and depalletising, in the following sectors: glass-making, can-making, bottling, food-processing, pet food, chemicals and pharmaceuticals.

Glass making

We specialise in cold end solutions for the hollow glass industry. We produce conveyor belts and provide palletising/depalletising solutions, including robotised systems, along with line-completion systems.


We provide palletisers and packaging machines for the drinks sector as well as for oil, wine and beer makers including integrated bottling lines for glass, metal and PET/HDPE packages.

Can making

In particular, we specialise in end-of-line solutions for can manufacturers, with palletising/depalletising and handling solutions for tinplate, aluminium and composite cans.

Food e Petfood

We have developed conveyor belts for handling and palletising in the food and animal feed sectors, including robotised systems, along with complete lines for metal, glass, plastic containers as well full bags, crates, cartons and bundles.

Chemical e Pharmaceutical

We supply chemical and pharmaceutical companies with palletising/depalletising, packaging and handling systems for tinplate containers, plastics, cartons and bundles.

Product handling

We manufacture product handling systems (conveyor belts, accumulation tables, elevators and descenders) specifically designed for glass, PET and HDPE bottles, jars, tins, cans, crates, cartons and bundles.

Special applications

Depending on our customer requirements, we can design, manufacture and install machines for special applications and non-standard formats.


We also recondition existing palletising/ depalletising, packaging and bottling machines for glass, metal and plastic packaging.