Our values

Efficiency, attention to detail, Specialisation, Flexibility, Innovation, Health and safety


Efficiency is the key to success, above all the success of our customers.

Efficiency of responses, with rapid design solutions tailored to suit the customer’s individual needs. Efficiency of all our processes, to continually improve our performance in providing products and services. Efficiency towards sustainability, by developing energy-efficient solutions to reduce customer costs and the impact on our environment: providing more efficient electric motors for our machines, or products such as the waste conveyor belt of the glass handling line, which automatically stops when no waste is detected.

Attention to detail

Attention to detail is the key factor in all our projects.

Firstly, in our relationships with customers, we offer highly-technological pre- and after-sales services and provide full customer support. Secondly, we fully develop our products internally and carry out thorough tests at every stage to ensure product reliability and durability. Finally, we have a strong commitment towards the professionals who will use our products, to make their work easier and more efficient in every way.


We specialise in industrial robotics for bottling, palletising/ depalletising and handling.

As a consequence of our considerable experience and commitment we have developed a specialised approach and have become leaders in the global market, with over 3000 systems installed in 50 countries. We pride ourselves on our ability to listen to our customers and can be contacted from anywhere in the world. We specialise in providing the best strategies to support our customers in their business challenges.


We adapt our systems to suit your needs, not the other way round.

We offer flexible, tailor-made solutions thanks to a project management process that deal with non-standard requirements as if they were standard. We put all our determination and commitment into our work and our main objective is to guarantee customer satisfaction.


Always one step ahead, always at your side.

Innovation is useful because it has a purpose: To increase our competitive edge and that of our customers. Innovation connected with the world, in partnership with university research centres that specialise in technologies for collecting and exchanging data between machines, people and organisations. Above all, it is constant innovation: a bold, enquiring mind, always looking towards the future.

Health and safety

You can always rely on us.

Those who work with our equipment can rely on the fact that we are always at the forefront when it comes to health and safety and provide complete and up-to-date documentation for our equipment. Those who work with us can rely on the safety of a working environment which encourages a professional approach. All of our customers can rely on us: they are guaranteed to have a strong and reliable partner.

Our certifications:


All our products comply with EU standards and regulations.


We can obtain certifications in accordance with US standards and regulations.


We can manage certifications with third parties on request

Areas of expertise