Cutting-edge support

Immediate response

With smartglass our technicians provide all kinds of support remotely to the machines installed in your plants. They can work as if they were on site without leaving our operations centre, which saves significant time.

Smartglass is fitted with cameras, microphones and miniature monitors which enable us to guide your staff by seeing what they see, hearing what they hear, talking and sending documents in real time while your staff follow our instructions.

Available 24/7

Our customer services are always available to deal with your queries. All our technicians can be contacted to quickly provide all the information you require. And when assistance is needed on site, we will send one of our consultants closest to you from the U.S., South America, India, China and the Far East.

Special after-sales assistance

After installation and testing, our consultants will provide the necessary training to explain the efficient and safe use of the equipment, its routine maintenance and format changeover.
Our technicians will return two months later to check that the equipment is working properly and efficiently, to respond to any queries and to receive your feedback, in order to further improve our service.