Easy maintenance

3D model of the machines

To make your daily processes more efficient, we have developed proprietary software so that you can view a 3D model of each machine. This unique system enables you to identify each component, access all the relevant data and manage your orders of spare parts.

Through an intuitive interface it is possible to carry out a virtual disassembly of the installation piece by piece, with the same level of detail as the technicians who designed it.
QR codes printed on different parts of the machine will enable you to open the relevant section directly on your mobile device and access all the necessary information.

Easy access to information

Our 3D manual contains all the information of a detailed user manual. Containing a remarkable level of detail and very easy-to-access information. By simply selecting the individual items you can access

  • all the technical specifications, including components supplied by third parties
  • wiring diagram
  • information for routine maintenance (e.g. lubrication points)
  • complete and printable disassembly/assembly and handling procedures
  • physical and measurable parameters for preventive maintenance (e.g.: expected lifespan, maximum operating time, wear and tear)
  • safety information for operators and maintenance staff

Ordering spare parts faster

Our software also makes it easier to order spare parts. By choosing the required parts on the 3D model, our software will immediately generate a list with the relevant codes, which can be sent directly to our service, as well as information for your warehouse and maintenance staff.