Move customers towards success, thanks to the efficiency obtained from the strength of 5 companies that fully cover all sectors of material handling, palletization and storage.
Companies that, through renewal and continuous research, offer cutting-edge, sustainable and tailor-made solutions for the needs of the customer to whom we support 200 years of know-how and the strength of a group that will reach over the next 3 years an important turnover.



To become, in the world, the reference point for palletizing, handling and storage of materials. Know-how, innovation and men ready to support and resolve, over time, all customer needs, making them increasingly competitive in the global market.

89 countries


400 employees

working for you

40000 Sq. Mt

covered area

2300 customers

satisfied and performing

Behind every successful company there is a simple idea:

goods and materials, these are things that every company needs. The EMS Group can provide a SOLUTION for every company.

efficiency moves success

handling, palletising and warehousing

The EMS group was formed in 2018 from the merger of EMMETI, MECTRA, SIPAC and LOGIK, an initiative conceived, planned and carried out by Xenon Private Equity, which assumed overall control of the group.
In November 2019 another important member joined the group: ZECHETTI srl, thereby confirming EMS as leader in the hollow glass handling sector. The companies of the group came into being during that dynamic and prolific business climate between the 1980s and 1990s when Emilia became the leading region of the metal-mechanical industry and earned itself the title of “Packaging Valley”.

However, in recent years, with the acceleration of all the economic processes due to globalisation, size has become of paramount importance in order to support the costs of research, production and marketing. To continue to grow and to maintain our market-leading position we therefore needed to combine forces. This market leadership is a source of great regional pride and must not be wasted. With Zechetti the group is complete (for now), and, enjoying a strong position in terms of capacity, resources and expertise, is beginning to lay the foundations for an ambitious new project.

Our goal is what we manage to achieve

We are convinced that a company which creates value, not only for its shareholders, but also for its employees, its customers, its suppliers and in general for the community in which it operates, creates a climate of trust, motivation and support, which makes it more competitive and more valuable. Our project is ambitious and is not limited to the things that we will achieve, but is also about what we will become and the value that we will succeed in sharing with others.

Turning words into achievements through a collective effort

This is a simple idea which nevertheless requires a great deal of expertise and a number of different stages and plans as well as the distribution of tasks. It will require a collective effort to reach our goal. Every sector, department, team and individual employee in the company will make a contribution, all playing an equally important and decisive role in achieving the end result.

Like EMMETI, MECTRA, SIPAC, LOGIK and ZECCHETTI we have designed, created and installed thousands of complete systems and individual machines, for industrial robotics, handling, palletisation/depalletisation and warehousing in the glass, PET, can making, bottling, food and chemical-pharmaceutical sectors.
Each company in the group has made an important contribution through research, technology and expertise and now this combination of know-how and expertise can be shared in order to achieve results beyond our expectations: the solutions that may result from combining these skills and this technology cover every conceivable requirement.

What does it mean to be a one-stop-shop for the handling of goods and materials?

  • It means dealing with a single company that is capable of resolving a variety of issues offering integrated solutions
  • It means saving on space, time, energy and manpower
  • It means using a single project to manage stages of work that were previously separate and distinct,
  • It means becoming more competitive in the global market

leadership team

competence, ability, efficiency

Antonio Recinella

A CEO with proven international experience, acquired working for leading groups such as Honeywell, Magneti Marelli and Elica, he is an advocate of the Six Sigma method which, using statistical-empirical techniques, optimises working processes, identifying and removing the causes of problems. Antonio’s vision for EMS aims to consolidate the process of internationalisation and innovation within the group by combining passion and decisive management as well as investing in the digitalisation of products and services.

Luigifilippo Iori

A specialist in corporate finance, management and company law, Luigifilippo has been the Finance Director of the group since February 2019.

Michele Ruggiu

Head of the newly formed HR department, Michele has 15 years’ experience working in companies in different sectors. He is developing inclusion strategies focusing on staff development in line with the group’s objectives.

The EMS Group has approximately 400 employees, working in 5 different manufacturing sites.
The organisation of this specialised and talented workforce is one of the key factors behind the success of our project and we are developing it according to four key principles:

The new structure should be:

  1. coherent, functional and transparent,
  2. supported by appropriate tools (the introduction of MOS – Management Operating System – software – clear, flexible and suitable),
  3. implemented with clearly defined roles and positions,
  4. facilitated by shared procedures, policies and guidelines

Moreover, we strongly believe that in order for the group to grow it is necessary to create a working environment that encourages learning and the circulation of information (knowledge-sharing).

Davide Grottaroli

With over 20 years’ experience in the management and running of complex projects and having worked extensively in the oil industry, Davide has a great deal of experience of risk analysis and project management.

At the centre of this ambitious project of course are innovative operating procedures.
Five companies have become the divisions of a large group. This process must generate value for all.
The idea behind the re-structuring of our production processes is the famous Kaizen philosophy, invented by an engineer at Toyota and one that has already been put into practice by many large companies.
The purpose of Kaizen is to identify and resolve issues and its priority is to review, monitor and continuously improve processes, enabling the company to define a system that leads to growth and continuous improvement.
The following are some of the numerous operating procedures that will be implemented:

  • the unification of the codes of commercial components
  • the implementation of the mitigation and tracking process of non-compliance reports
  • the creation of a cross-functional team for Root Cause Analysis
  • the implementation of the order Hand-Over process
  • the involvement of both Planning and Production at the forecasting stage
  • the implementation of SolidWorks software

the rationalisation of warehouses and stock

Valeriano Casci

With a high-level managerial experience and strong competence in supply chain and business strategy, Valeriano brings to EMS Group a vision focused on vertical growth and corporate turnaround strategies.

EMS Group has put in place a sophisticated Procurement plan that will enable the supply chain to achieve excellence, bringing the management of the purchasing process into line with the company’s goals and optimising costs. Furthermore, seen from the perspective of Procurement the supplier becomes an active partner and is put in the position of actively supporting the company, both in terms of know-how and added value. In parallel there is a continuing process of reorganisation and rationalisation of our logistics, an area of the business which these days makes a fundamental contribution towards the financial wellbeing of a company. With an integrated logistics plan we will achieve greater efficiency in a shorter time and at lower cost.

A long-term strategic approach also explains the choice to bring together Purchasing and Strategic Marketing under one figure.

Medium-long term oriented, the role of strategic marketing is to project the company towards a series of opportunities, to identify niches or segments capable of producing growth, diversifying sectors and technologies, and to definine a defensible competitive advantage for each line of business. An important focus of the Purchasing-Marketing binomial is reserved to the innovation of both technology and production processes, and to the enhancement of complementary services created or implemented to make the plant life cycle increasingly efficient and appopriate to customer needs.
In this sense Procurement + Strategic Marketing make growth possible in the long term.


Paolo Biondi

With 20 years’ experience in the sales team in Emmeti, Paolo was the perfect choice to head up the sales division of the FOOD&BEVERAGE section. In addition to his undoubted professional expertise he brings to the role a thorough understanding of the sector, the products and the customers: invaluable knowledge for any company.


Fabrizio Boschi 

In order to be sales director in a manufacturing company like ours you need to have a great deal of technical expertise and experience in the field as well as being familiar with the problems faced by customers. With over 25 years’ experience in Emmeti Fabrizio clearly has what it takes to manage one of our most important departments.

Having a strong and well-prepared sales team is crucial to the success of a company because the sales department is the department with most responsibility for sales and increasing turnover. Having a strategy and planning are extremely important, as in all departments, but a key function of the sales department is to maintain a dynamic and positive relationship with customers.
This personal touch is the key to developing good long-term relationships and to identifying new customers systematically.
The EMS Group prides itself on having a highly qualified and extremely experienced team that deals with customers both in Italy and abroad.
Following the re-structuring of the Group there will be new opportunities and new markets for the sales team to exploit.


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